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Fostering Inclusivity: Empowering experts and children with disabilities

For over two decades, Hasmik Hovsepyan, 39, has dedicated her career to championing the cause of children with diverse disabilities. Beginning as a teacher and evolving into the role of Deputy Director at the Spitak Territorial Center for Psychoeducational Support in Lori province, she stands at the forefront of regional initiatives overseen by the Yerevan-based National Center for Inclusive Education for CWDs.

For Hasmik, this mission is not just a vocation; it's a fervent calling that she has embraced for a lifetime. The children under her care grapple with an array of challenges, spanning from locomotor and auditory to visual and intellectual disabilities. What distinguishes Hasmik is her profound personal connection to these challenges. Having faced locomotor difficulties herself due to the Spitak earthquake in 1988, she draws from this experience to inspire those seemingly ensnared in their circumstances.

"I understand the struggle of climbing stairs. When I encounter children seemingly immobilized by their challenges, I tap into my personal journey to motivate them. Sharing the milestones of my life, from career achievements to the joys of marriage and motherhood with my 8-year-old son, Armen, I strive to instill hope and a belief in limitless possibilities, irrespective of the obstacles they confront," Hasmik candidly reveals. Beyond her official duties as Deputy Director, she willingly volunteers to engage with the Center's children, actively involving their parents in developmental practices.

"Parents have a pivotal influence in the progression of children with disabilities. Despite the hurdles, it's imperative for parents to stand as unwavering pillars, supporting their children in uncovering their unique place in the world. Whether navigating setbacks or celebrating triumphs, regardless of circumstances, uplifting their spirits is paramount," she concludes on a positive note.

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) week, we ask you to donate to FAR today and join us in building inclusive education for CWDs and uplift dedicated professionals like Hasmik.

The National Center Supporting Inclusive Education for CWDs is sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief through generosity of our Friends "Hovsep Foundation," "The John Mirak Foundation" and "Myron and Mary Shahinian Stapanian Fund."


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