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Future STEM professionals compete in School Olympiad

1,556 middle and high school students from 57 schools spanning Berd, Ijevan, Noyemberyan, and Sisian regions recently gathered for a momentous occasion—the inaugural Olympiad of its magnitude in the area.

This pioneering competition, made possible through generous donations by Ara Cherchian, transcended mere question-and-answer sessions; it served as a platform meticulously crafted to cultivate a fervor for physics, biology, and chemistry, with a broader aspiration of igniting curiosity in the expansive domain of STEM for the future.

Across three intense days in each region, students delved into vibrant Q&A sessions and 'play-off' rounds, fostering not only competition but also a culture of perpetual learning, self-assessment, and camaraderie. Interactions with peers from diverse schools gave rise to newfound friendships amid the pursuit of knowledge. As the event reached its climax, the jury meticulously tabulated scores and proclaimed the victorious team, met with resounding applause and acclaim.

“Our victory wasn't too tough - the questions felt easy, right within our knowledge zone. Winning feels great, especially when it's fair and competitive. Hard work pays off; our team's got two wins already, and we're feeling proud,” shared 12-year-old Anjela Melikbekyan from #1 Ijevan Secondary School adding that the victory propelled them to redouble their efforts for future triumphs.

“The organization of subject quizzes and competitions in this format provides an invaluable platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and prowess. It fosters teamwork, critical thinking, and the articulation of individual perspectives. In my estimation, these events offer a fresh perspective on the significance of science and mathematics in our lives, kindling heightened interest among students," stated Eduard Karapetyan, FAR Education and Science Programs Director, underscoring the pivotal role of such olympiads in evaluating the efficacy of new educational standards and advancing their learning experiences.

To perpetuate the nurturing of tomorrow's bright minds and stoke their thirst for knowledge, consider donating to FAR today.


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