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Good Education Goes Beyond the Classroom

We have made it possible for the complete renovation of the clean water supply, sanitation, and hygiene facilities at six different schools in Armenia's Tavush Province. Thanks to our partnership with Open Society Foundations-Armenia on our Together for Healthy Generations project, this basic and essential amenity will help 1,600 children and 300 teachers to not only stay healthy but also focus more upon learning and teaching. The project also provided 329 first graders from 20 schools with schoolbags and supplies.

“This was a top requirement for our school as we did not have access to clean water and the bathrooms hadn’t been renovated for ages, which caused serious health problems for our pupils,” said the Principal of Tavush Secondary School Gevorg Machkalyan. "Such facilities are also essential to curb the spread of COVID-19."

Good education is dependent on safe and hygienic facilities in addition to great resources and teachers. To support FAR’s Education Program, give today.

“The quality of public education will get better if the problem of proper sanitation in classrooms, bathrooms, dining areas and elsewhere in Armenia's schools are solved. And we agree with that because we have been making improvements for years now, particularly in Tavush,” said FAR Deputy Country Director Margarit Piliposyan.


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