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GTech Says Goodbye to Jason Paul Kazaryan

In December of 2006, a resonating call in his heart drew Jason Paul Kazaryan to visit Armenia. A few years later, Jason decided to move to Gyumri, and become the Executive Director of GTech. Jason adapted easily to his new life in Gyumri, and for nearly one year, he supervised the GTech family.

The GTech students and staff greatly appreciate Jason’s commitment to the development of the Gyumri Information Technology Center (GTech), and to the community at large. During his year as Executive Director, Jason used his skills to bring western work practices and business methodologies to GTech. He worked with students and helped them to become competitive not only professionally but also intellectually. Jason taught his staff members and employees to work with devotion and to feel responsible for the future of Armenia and of Gyumri in particular.

On November 1st, supporters of GTech and FAR gathered together for a farewell party in honor of Jason Paul Kazaryan. It was truly an emotional event for all. Jason expressed his feelings with the following words “I know that one day I will come back [to Gyumri] for sure. I am not going back home but I go back from my home.” These words were so convincing that we have no doubt Jason will return!


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