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Gyumri School started its "Musical Spring" tour.

Flowers are mainly associated with women, beauty, happiness, appreciation and love. Gyumri Octet School of Music started its musical spring tour devoted to the project Armenia Grateful to Rock.

The Octet orchestra visited one of the oldest educational establishments of Gyumri, a 75 year old Pedagogical Institute. The concert was dedicated to March 8, the International Women’s day. The majority of the teachers both in Octet and Pedagogical Institute are women and such bouquet was a quintessence of charm, intellect and devotion. The concert comprised music pieces performed by the school kids and poetry recitals by the Institute students.

The University staff was amazed by the wonderful performance level of the kids and high professionalism of the teachers. The school kids were proud to perform in front of such a big audience outside their school. The Institute issued a thank-you letter to Octet and wished the best to the school.

The school principle also thanked the Institute and announced about two benevolent concerts that a rock legend Ian Gillan will perform on March 26 and 27 to provide the profit for the school construction and invited the Institute students and professors to visit the concerts. He mentioned VivaCell and MediaMax that recently presented musical instruments to the school. He also thanked FAR for channeling the information concerning the school. The concert ended with an orchestra performance of “Mesmerized Flowers” and long encore!

There is a series of similar concerts to other Schools of Music around Armenia this spring.


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