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Hasmik Manukyan.

Hasmik Manukyan works in FAR Yerevan Office and is involved in all FAR Programs (especially educational) as Administrative Assistant and Translator. Most of her experience has been devoted to volunteer activities at the organizations she was involved in. Her first volunteer experience started at Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) NGO in Vanadzor. Since then she has enriched her experience through her volunteer work at many NGOs and non-profit organizations.

Hasmik has previously worked in the private sector and was also chosen as a volunteer interpreter in the International Project “Gender Trouble. Platforms.” organized by the Art & Cultural Studies Laboratory.

For her personal development, Hasmik has participated in various seminars, workshops and trainings, like “Self management and leadership” (YMCA Vanadzor, 2000), “Effective Business Communication” training (AUA, Armenia, 2006), “Global Innovation Forum for Education and Development” (Athgo International, Yerevan, 2008), Summer Literary Workshop Comparative Literature and Translation, (Utopiana & Women’s Resource Center, summer 2009), Academic & Professional Blogging (iCity & APMA, Yerevan, summer 2009), Public and Private Partnership Seminar (Joint Vienna Institute, Vienna, 2009), “Liberty of Economics” International Spring Academic School (Georgia, May 2010).

Recently, Hasmik has been admitted to the Young Leaders School in Armenia, a one-year academic program. She is also participating in the Summer Literary Workshop, Translation: Theory and Practice for two months, organized by the Women’s Resource Center.

For FAR’s blog Hasmik is going to write on various topics about Armenian life, culture, youth, educational and other opportunities. She will also work with social workers at the FAR’s Children Support Center and Samantha McQueen, FAR's Intern at the New York office. Together they will develop ongoing stories about FAR beneficiaries on Facebook.

Hasmik is anxious about sharing her Armenia with all people who love and care for this country.


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