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Helping a Single Mom to Provide Her Son a Better Future

In 2013, Anna Mkrtchyan’s husband, Gevorg, passed away from a stomach ulcer. Her son, Artyom was just 1 year old back then. Now 5, Artyom attends elementary school, helps his mom in the garden, likes to cook kshovan (rice and lentil pilaf in the local dialect) with his mom, and enjoy meals in their beautiful garden surrounded by apple trees and strawberry bushes.

“We usually do everything together,” said Anna, who added that her dream is to buy the house that they’re currently renting in Goris.

After Gevorg’s death, Anna lived with her in-laws in Ararat Province. She then decided to return to her hometown in Goris to try to create her own life there. She now juggles life as a single mother with her job in municipal government while taking care of her small farm and livestock.“It’s certainly hard to raise a child alone,” she said. “I want to build a better future for my son.”

This year, Artyom received a CASP stipend for the first time, which provides cash assistance for orphans and children of single mothers to help cover their living expenses. CASP, which is sponsored by the Women's Guild of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, has long been a part of FAR’s Child Protection Program, which you can support by making a donation on our secure website.

Anna hopes to open a bank account and save money to realize her dream.“I want Artyom to have a roof over his head when he turns 18. Our house islocated in a very quiet and gorgeous village; it’s very green and calm here, and I won’t be worried if my son goes out to cycle,” she said.

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