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Heritage – New Website Offers a Chance to Re-discover Armenian Monuments.

“Raising awareness, preservation of cultural heritage and community development, these are the three main goals AMAP is pursuing. It is gratifying to know that what we are doing can actually help make people’s lives better and also present to the world the wonderful heritage that Armenia has.”

- Rick Ney

The Armenian Monuments Awareness Project has launched its Armenian Heritage website, introduced at a presentation Thursday that also was a summary of AMAP’s three years of cultural projects.

The website – -- is unique in its kind, presenting in five languages comprehensive and detailed descriptions of Armenian monuments, hundreds of photos along with practical information and GPS maps. It consists of three parts: Discover Armenia’s Monuments, Research and Conservation and Learning Resources. The Research and Conservation part invites historians and scholars to submit research papers and create a forum to discuss debatable historical facts and theories. MP3 downloadable audio files are also available (so far for five sites) to serve as Audio Tours for visitors. It also offers monument-related learning resources and lesson plans for teachers and students. As AMAP’s chief of party Rick Ney says, the website will continuously grow and expand.


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