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Hintliyan - A Source of Hope.

Just 200 meters from Azerbaijan, students at the Hintlyan School can clearly hear the gunshots that are often fired across the Armenian-Azeri border. Despite this very real threat of violence, the school is a unique establishment where enrollment has increased in recent years and where students excel. Tenth-grader Araz Pirumyan won the second prize in the National Olympiac Academic Competition. Several students were prominent contestants in the international “Kangaroo” mathematics contest as well. As for second-grader Levon Aghinyan, he anticipates becoming an engineer and spends much of his time constructing wooden airplanes and making his future plans.

Back in the Soviet era, this part of the Tavush region was one of the liveliest settlements where a number of production enterprises had operated. Nowadays, there is no production capacity here or in the neighboring villages of Aygehovit and Azatamut. Educational institutions are the sole sources of employment. So this school, which receives support from the Constantinople Armenians Relief Society and from FAR, is a source of hope for students and parents alike.


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