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How STEM camp transform lives in Armenia's remote regions

A group of teens from far-flung communities of Sisian and Berd regions of Armenia cluster around tables, diving into math puzzles, biology experiments, and even contemplating the mysteries of the cosmos. They are impressed with the evidence based experiments and workshops, like how physics or chemistry can spark changes in military strategies or how tinkering with a rat's brain could lead to groundbreaking advances in healthcare.

Among them is Davit Tumanyan, a 17-year-old who tackles these problems with ease, which thrills him. Chilling in his chair, delving into a yet another round of math and physics lectures and discussions, Davit is fast in crunching formulas or dissecting quizzes. He frankly shares how the STEM camp has broadened his horizons and sharpened his analytical skills. Moreover, he's forged new friendships, bonding over lively debates during their free evenings at the Students House of Yerevan.

This STEM camp is the brainchild of FAR and the "Hzor Mitk" NGO, made possible by the generous support of Ara Cherchian. Through the initiative 25 high schoolers from Sisian and Berd regions have gathered in Yerevan for an immersive dive into the wonders of science and technology.

"I've been fascinated by the night sky for as long as I can remember," Davit reflects. "As a kid, I'd lose myself in star-gazing, trying to decode their secrets. Here at the camp, we've had amazing discussions with FAR scholars and even linked up with older peers from the Math Honor project. It's incredibly motivating, and I'm more convinced than ever that I'm on the right path," says Davit, who is now in the first year of studying Physics at the Yerevan State University.

Davit raves about how the camp has honed his critical thinking skills. "The activities that we do here challenge us to think deeply and critically about scientific concepts, develop hypotheses, and analyze data. But the best part for is mind-bending lectures on physics. It's not just a subject; it's like a superpower that changes how you see the world," he explains animatedly.

For Davit, the link between scientific progress and a nation's prosperity couldn't be clearer. "Science is the engine driving a nation forward. Neglect it, and we risk falling behind. That's why sparking an interest in STEM from an early age is vital. We've got to nurture curiosity so that a genuine hunger for knowledge can take root," he urges passionately.

If you want to help Davit and other bright minds from Armenia's remote communities dive deeper into STEM, consider donating to FAR today. Together, we can empower the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers!


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