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Jerar Nishanian Scholars on the Path to Success.

The Jerar Nishanian Scholarship has enabled more than 100 students from low-income Armenian families to attend select Armenian universities, including Gavar State University. Recently, FAR staff visited GSU to summarize the results of the 2010-2011 academic year’s first semester results. Forty-six out of GSU’s 47 Nishanian scholars completed the semester with excellent grades.

GSU rector, Professor Ruzanna Hakobyan, who met with FAR staff, spoke to the students. “To receive a scholarship is an honor for each student and brings on great responsibility. Learning requires everyday efforts and diligence,” she said. “I hope that with your success and achievements, you will contribute to the hope of a better educated generation in Armenia.”

Many Jerar Nishanian recipients have moved on to careers in computer engineering and finance in the Gegharkunik Region. Seven Nishanian scholars work at GSU. Also, great support from Jerar Nishanian has helped to renovate one of the University’s buildings and improve communications. With an active student life, GSU often organizes various academic and scientific competitions, discussions, sport competitions and games. Our scholarship recipients actively participate in all university events. We left the GSU in a good mood, carrying with us student’s congratulation cards for Easter Feast, which we will pass onto their benefactor.


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