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Let’s stand with our Artsakh brothers and sisters

If life had followed our plans, this autumn would have been a vibrant tapestry of colors, stretching from the northern reaches to the southern corners of our beloved Armenia and Artsakh, where the beauty of this season is truly enchanting.

But for the past three years, life has taken a different course.

Today, our hearts ache as we witness the mass displacement of our Artsakh brothers and sisters. They have been forcibly uprooted from their homes, their villages, and their homeland. It is a painful day; another all-to-familiar somber autumn, and it calls upon us and our dear Friends to stand in solidarity with our compatriots.

The wounds from the Azerbaijani's major attack on September 19 are still fresh: 200 people killed, 400 individuals injured, including 40 civilians wounded and 10 killed. Thousands of our fellow countrymen and women find themselves without warm clothing or proper documentation, gathered in what was once the thriving and joyful capital of Stepanakert, now a symbol; a "checkpoint of grief," as they wait for their turn to "get out" from their Homeland.

Today, more than ever, we implore our dear Friends to stand shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and brothers who have endured the horrors of war, nine months of blockade, starvation, and relentless attacks by the Azerbaijani forces.

While thousands have already crossed the Kornidzor checkpoint, we await the arrival of more Artsakh residents, and we should be fully prepared to offer them emergency assistance--just as we did during and after the 2020 war.

We ask our Friends to join us in extending a lifeline to our fellow Armenians by donating to FAR today, or by mailing your check to the FAR office at: 630 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10016 USA.


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