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Madagh is Served at Gyumri Atinizian Senior Center.

According to the Christian tradition, Madagh is a holiday when a traditional meal of lamb stew, pilaf made from bulgur, and lavash or katah bread, is served to the poor in beloved memory of deceased relatives.

This time, Madagh at the Gyumri Senior Center coincided with the end of Medz Bahk (Great Lent) and Surb Zatik (Easter). This year’s Madagh was donated by the Haroutunian family from New York, who fed 200 beneficiaries in memory of Gabriel and Garo Haroutunian.

Prior to the serving of Madagh, Father Arnak from Shirak Diocese blessed the meal. He prayed to God for Gabriel and Garo and the peace in their souls. Father Arnak then explained to everyone the meaning of Madagh and asked to pray for the family’s success and well being.


Gyumri Soup Kitchen Director Gor Simonyan and the whole staff made every effort to prepare and serve a tasty meal. The beneficiaries, in appreciation, raised their glasses to toast their benefactors.


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