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Megerian Rugs Company Supports Gavar Orphanage.

There are several different groups at Gavar Orphanage that aim to develop children’s skills. One such group is the carpet-weaving club, which has been running since 1995. Many children spend their free time at the weaving looms where they get acquainted with the traditions of Armenian embroidery, carpet making, and ultimately general Armenian culture.

The goal of our visit to Gavar Orphanage was not only to meet with Gulamerian Scholarship Programbeneficiaries who reside at Gavar, but to also deliver weaving materials donated by the Megerian Rugs Company to the children. This is a usual donation provided by this companyin response to requests to help the children in the class who desperately need yarn.

During our visit, I met 17-year-old Aida Asirbabyan who has worked on carpet making since she was 10. “At first, I was seduced by the beautiful color of the threads,” Aida said. “Later, I realized that carpet weaving is both painting and design, both art and tradition, and finally, a piece of our culture that differentiates the Armenian people from many other nationalities. You can always find me here after my lessons. It is a restful and a magical world for me.”

The orphans were extremely happy and they presented us with a thank you letter and a small handmade carpet for the company.


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