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My Father Meant the World to Me

Aleks, Milena, and Artur Petrosyan must find a way to continue their lives without their father, Alik, an army officer who was killed in the 2020 Artsakh War at the age of 38.

The three are part of the group of 68 children of fallen war veterans who recently received financial assistance from us. For each, losing their father meant losing their family's sole breadwinner. Support from us will help them during the coming months.

“My father meant the world to me. I only saw him twice a month as he was always away in the service, but every time he came back we would have long evening walks in Gagarin Park; we would play soccer,” said Artur.

Currently, Artur and his siblings live with their mother, Marine in a three-room apartment in Gegharkunik Province. “We have been renting for 11 years. Alik would always tell me that one day we'd have a house of our own. Unfortunately, he never saw it,” she said. “To him, military service was not just his work; it was a lifestyle. The scar of his loss will live with me forever.”

With the gift from FAR, Marine has been able to buy clothing for the kids and a new bicycle. “Your support is a message of gratitude and remembrance for many families like us so that we know we are not alone,” she said. “This is not just a bicycle; you have created a moment of joy for my Artur and Aleks, and Milena as well. They will never forget these summer holidays.”

To provide support to the families of fallen veterans and single mothers, make a donation on FAR's website today.


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