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Our Next Group of Innovators

The end of May marked the start of another award year for FAR’s Yervant Terzian Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF),which will support 27 new research groups through generous grants.

The awards ceremony, which was held at the National Academy of Science, brought together the 88 researchers who will be able to start or continue their work in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, agriculture, archeology, and history because of ANSEF’s support.

Launched 22 years ago, ANSEF empowers researchers to stay in their home country, funding more than USD 2.8 million in grants to nearly 2,100 scientists. The support has fueled a community of researchers and scientists who are now taking the lead in advocating for further scientific development in Armenia.

“ANSEF is a unique diaspora initiative that promotes the development of science, as well as gives young scientists an opportunity to acquire their first research experience and to advance their innovative ideas. It’s also unique since there are no restrictions in terms of sectors and thematic topics. I strongly hope that you will also contribute to the development of science through your research work,” FAR Education and Science Program Manager Eduard Karapetyan said during the ceremony.

Twelve out of 27 of this year’s group leaders are young researchers under the age of 35, and 19 of the leaders are women.

Innovation is key to Armenia’s future. To support our work in education, consider making a donation on FAR’s website today.


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