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Preparatory courses for underprivileged children.

When, after the 1988 earthquake, businessman and FAR benefactor Arman Bedikian from the USA visited Armenia, he searched for relief and development organizations involved in the reconstruction of the homeland. “Zinvori Mayr” (Soldier’s Mother) has been one of the organizations the currently deceased Mr. Bedikian cooperated with. Together they launched an educational program, especially designed for the children of Artsakh war victims and children of large families.

The knowledge provided at the secondary schools of Armenia has rarely been sufficient for the entrance examinations of higher educational institutions in Armenia. Taking private lessons provided by tutors is critical but expensive. “Zinvori Mayr” lends a helping hand by organizing free preparatory courses for children at Yerevan State Pedagogical University. The preparatory courses do not include only the subjects required for the university entrance examinations but also computer skills. Courses are instructed by highly qualified professionals from various universities. Nearly 80% of the last year's graduates were admitted to higher educational institutions.

"(But) the most important thing is not the admission to the university, but the acquiring of basic knowledge necessary for their further life” stated the Program Coordinator Ms. Anahit Hovnanyan.

So far 580 boys and girls have been included in the free preparatory course program. 358 out of them have become students at various higher educational institutions.


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