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Prices Now Available for This Year’s YPT.

We just received the prices for this year’s Young Professionals Trip, which for the first time includes a tour of Eastern Turkey in its itinerary. For more information, check out the details on the Hayastani Kidak Society website and keep up to date on the latest by following FAR’s blog and the Hayastani Kidak Society Facebook page. Hurry and register!

Join us in 2011 and discover Armenia — her culture, her history and her future, while making new friends in the process.

FAR’s trip provides the ideal opportunity for young professionals between the ages of 23 and 40 to travel to Armenia as a group.

Join us and do more than just see the country’s landmarks. You will learn about Armenia’s place in the world, her religious, political and economic heritage, and engage with government and religious leaders in official state visits.

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