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Program Focuses on Involving Youth in the Church.

About a year ago, priests from several Armenian Apostolic Churches in Yerevan, Etchmiadzin, Argavand and Oshakan, implemented the Manana Christian Youth Program. Through the program, youth and clergymen meet weekly to hold discussions, prayer groups and Bible study, lessons on the Church’s traditions, and planning sessions to carry out different charitable events.

"The aim of the program is to help youth recognize God, acquaint them with our Church’s beliefs, traditions and doctrine, and give them a Christian outlook on issues like superstition, еuthanasia, suicide, etc.,” says the program’s initiator Deacon Seyran Ghazaryan. This program is a little piece of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s mission, he added, and a way to assemble today’s youth around religion.

Thanks to this program, each day the number of Armenian youth who believe increases and they contribute to the Church’s prosperity.

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