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Protest for the Unconditional Release of All Armenian Prisoners

Dear Supporters,


I wish I was writing to you with better news...


I wanted to first of all thank you for the support you have provided to ensure the

release of my father who was illegally arrested following the ethnic cleansing of

120,000 Armenians in September from Nagorno-Karabakh last year.  He has now

been incarcerated for over 200 days with limited communications with our family.


We haven't heard from my father since April 2nd and have grown increasingly

worried about his condition. This past week, we found out that Ruben has been on

a hunger strike since April 5 and completely cut off from the rest of the world as the

Azeri authorities undoubtedly tried to silence his protest for the unconditional

release of all Armenian prisoners. We had no information on his current health

condition and grew increasingly worried by the day.


Yesterday, after two weeks of incommunicado detention, we elevated this situation

to global media and the international community in order to apply pressure on the

Azeri government. Following our actions today the government relented and

allowed Ruben to contact us. However, we learned he is now being kept in full

isolation, without access to any reading materials. As far as we know, the only

monitoring of his health has been the monitoring of his blood pressure, which

makes us even more concerned of his deteriorating health condition.


We have demanded that Azerbaijan allow the International Committee of the Red

Cross to visit him immediately to secure independent evidence of his well-being

and ensure he is provided all appropriate medical attention.

In addition, we reiterate Ruben’s demand for the immediate and unconditional

release of the Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan.


The situation is becoming untenable, and it is paramount that we mobilise and

demand his release immediately or at the very least that his trial takes place in May

with no further delays and with international observers.


My family and I are asking for your help to raise public awareness about Ruben’s

inhumane treatment and his appeal by:


Sharing the link to yesterday’s press release and today’s statement to your

network on social media.

Further, if you have a chance to speak with any of your local politicians or business

leaders with ties to Azerbaijan, please raise the issue of my father's detention and

his deteriorating conditions.


I thank you once again for your support and help at this challenging time.


Kind regards,

David Vardanyan


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