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Reliving YPT.

Former YPT participant Daniele Sourian Sahr writes about her experience at the Octet Music School – one of the stops on the itinerary in Gyumri.

With grace and professionalism, several students at the FAR-sponsored Azad Shishian Octet Music School gave an afternoon recital welcoming the FAR Young Professionals Trip to Gyumri. Being one of the seven young professionals myself, I felt honored that teachers and students alike shared their talents and time with us. As I watched each performer come on stage, my eyes feasted upon a myriad of instruments, both classical (violins, pianos, and flutes, for example) and those traditional to Armenian heritage, like the duduk and kanoon. As I listened to each young musician, the sweet voices of the singers and the nimble fingers of the violinists kept me enraptured and eager to hear more.

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Reliving YPT.

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