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Renovation of the Ounjian School Nears Completion.

The reconstruction of the new wing at Gyumri’s Ounjian Schoolis almost finished. Following the reinforcement and renovation of the building, the structural and inner walls were fortified and the floors and ceilings completely renovated. New doors and windows have also been installed.

Now, the renovated building is being furnished. The new classrooms, computer room, gym and embroidery workshop are awaiting the delivery of their up-to-date furniture. The state-of-the-art language lab, which is unique to Armenian schools, is also awaiting furniture.

As the days become warmer, work on the improvements for the building’s surroundings will start. Everything is set for completion on May 24, when an opening ceremony will be held. Dr. John Ounjian, who has supported the renovation of this school, which was destroyed in the 1988 earthquake, will join in the festivities, along with other honorable guests, school alumni and all Ounjian Scholarship recipients.


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