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Restoring hope for Mariam and other displaced families from Artsakh

It has been four long days since Mariam Hayrapetyan, an 11-year-old 6th grader, found herself sleeping on the floor of the Vayk cultural center. Peering through the window of the narrow balcony that leads to the "bedroom" of displaced families in the Vayk community, Vayots Dzor province, her face lights up with sweet memories of her homeland. For a brief moment, she escapes to the peace and promise of her former life, before the war forced her and her family to flee their home in Askeran, Artsakh, for Armenia.

The Hayrapetyans, like over 100,000 ethnic Armenians, were forced from their homes without warm clothing or documentation, seeking refuge in Armenia.

In response to the urgent needs of these families, FAR has launched an emergency campaign, providing the first wave of humanitarian support packages to 300 displaced families in Vayots Dzor and Berd regions. These packages, filled with essential food and hygiene items, offer immediate relief to these families.

Beyond this emergency aid project, FAR is gearing up for a comprehensive, long-term intervention that harnesses our collective strengths. There’s much work to do to ensure that an entire generation of forcibly displaced children, like Mariam, have a chance at the future they deserve.

But we’ll get there — together.

Mariam herself has dreams of becoming a nurse, inspired by the war and its consequences. She aspires to help her compatriots and contribute to building a stronger nation.

To stand with Mariam and countless others from Artsakh, we ask you to take action and be a beacon of hope for our people as they strive to rebuild their lives. Your generous donation to FAR today will make an enduring impact.

Together, we can provide the children affected by this crisis a chance for a brighter future, one filled with safety, resilience, and access to education.

Your support can truly make a difference.


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