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Seedlings Yield Honey and Hope for Devastated Armenian Families.

National Geographic “revisits” the Armenia Tree Project.

For Armenians who lost their homes in political upheaval an innovative tree-planting scheme to restore orchards and forests is a way to earn some money while helping their country create a more comfortable environment, reports a volunteer for the Armenia Tree Project. Nat Geo News Watch profiled the project last year: How trees are restoring hope to Armenia.

By Adrineh Der-Boghossian

Aygut, Armenia--Thirty-nine-year-old Vatchakan Tsakanyan remembers coming to Aygut Village in 1989 as a young man--a common experience since just about all the residents came here from Chardakhlu and other villages in Azerbaijan when the two states swapped non-nationals during the Karabagh conflict.


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