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Sibil Pektorosoglu Took Istanbul by her Armenian Song.

Popular Armenian tunes. Now airing on Turkish radio.

Turkish Armenian singer Sibil Pektorosoglu has performed a poem by renowned Armenian writer Hovhannes Shiraz called “Letter” and attracted thousands of Turkish and Armenian fans.

Sibil, who is of Armenian origin, was born in Istanbul and lives there. The song has a video which is being televised by Turkish leading musical TV stations and aired in Istanbul.

Armenian singer has had an exclusive interview with “” news website.

“I started from St. Vardanants choir. I remember Armenian songs and music happened little in Turkey, thus I entered the choir in order not to starve for Armenian music. The choir has had a great contribution in the development of my singing,” Sibil says. Last year the singer released an album called “Sibil”, where some Armenian songs, including “Ter voghormya”, “Cilicia”, “Letter” could be found.


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