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Siranush Summer Camp Comes to a Close.

The Siranush camp wrapped up its summer session on August 25. Now the 77 Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program beneficiaries who had spent a good part of their summer playing and learning in Yeghegnadzor have returned home with some unforgettable memories to cherish. A bonfire and feast were held on the campers’ last day and the children participated in singing and dancing as well. All eagerly expressed their thankfulness to CASP and to FAR for making it possible to attend the camp and find an escape, however brief, from work and school during the year.

The Children of Armenia Sponsorship Program supports children from low-income families year round through monthly stipends to help them make ends meet. CASP also enables these kids to attend camps like Siranush each summer. All of us at FAR wish these children the very best!


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