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Spring Spirit Through the Beauty of Vard.

The “Vard” fashion show at the Presidential House on May 30 was a beautiful way to conclude the remaining weeks of spring.

With a name like “Vard,” which means rose in Armenian, designer Vard Arzakantsyan was well represented by the dozens of roses festooning the event. Masked like white statues, artists gently approached visitors and handed out the flowers. The hall and podium were also generously adorned. Models from Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan, their hair styled with roses, represented the brilliantly colorful Vard fashion collection and the entire event even concluded with beautiful rose fireworks and enthusiastic rounds of applause. Vard Arzakantsyan invited Sylvain Ruffier -- former manager of Kenzo, Kenzo Takada's Fashion Brand -- to organize the Vard brand marketing in Yerevan. Ruffier also cooperated with young Armenian designers and talented professionals. The show was a hit in Armenia, and it succeeded in bringing new, creative spirit to the Armenian fashion world.

Vard Arzakantsyan is an Armenian clothing designer now living in Paris. She was ten years old she when started drawing fashion sketches, inspired by Chanel and her mother, a gifted seamstress who worked in her own atelier. Her dream became reality when, in 2003, she opened her first ‘Maison de Couture’ in trendy Moscow where Russian clients immediately fell in love with her flamboyant style and creativity. “For me, every dress is a separate work of art, a unique idea and, thus, never can be repeated,” she said. “Each model completely differs from another and that is the reason why we do not represent collections with a general concept. We use innovations, create dresses which can be transformed to another style by slight changes in detail, and correspond to each mood and occasion.”

Vard has participated in many fashion exhibitions, competitions, and has received many awards. Her Moscow fashion house quickly became well recognized and soon top Russian businesspeople and celebrities joined her list of clients. Later, she moved to Paris and last October she decided to better represent her art in her homeland by opening the “Vard” Fashion House in Yerevan. “Thanks to young talented people, today I feel more confident and believe in the success of my projects. I am sure I can bring the haute couture French luxury and quality to Armenia. By adding to the best we have in Armenia, it will create new unique art,” Vard said.

She plans to organize a presentation of her fashion collections in several French cities and again in Yerevan.

“We aim to expand the brand in the European fashion market. We want to show the world that we have fashion in Armenia, we have a new message to convey, and we have new ideas worthy of admiration,” she said.

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