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Starting from square one as a displaced entrepreneur

After losing everything in Artsakh during the 2020 war, Arsen Meliksetyan, 42, decided to start a water delivery business called AquaLife. His previous life was shattered, haunted by memories of the 2020 Artsakh war. Arsen researched and launched AquaLife, believing that water symbolized a fresh start.

He began as a one-man show, researching water technologies and delivering bottles himself. With the support of FAR, Arsen expanded the business and soon hired tech experts while focusing on marketing and client relations.

"FAR supported me with filtration and purification system that has greatly improved water quality. I had no financial resources and couldn't even apply for loans. I have faith in God and my own efforts, and I believe God led me to FAR," Arsen expressed gratefully adding that AquaLife's demand now extends beyond Yerevan into nearby regions like Kotayk, Ararat, and Armavir.

Thousands of our fellow Artsakhtsi have been forcibly uprooted from their homes in the wake of the recent Azerbaijani onslaught, following months of devastating blockade and hunger. Many of them still find themselves faced with the daunting task of starting from square one.

In the face of this dire situation, FAR is not merely providing vital emergency aid but is also fervently charting a course for long-term, transformative initiatives. To turn this vision into a tangible and hopeful reality, we lean on your dedicated support. Your donations to FAR today can help ensure a brighter future for countless displaced families.

Join us in making a concrete impact for our Artsakh compatriots.


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