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Student Hrant Atabekyan Wins Prestigious Mathematics Award!

This year, for the first time in Armenia, the “Kangaroo” International Mathematical Competition held in Armenia, with 30,000 students participating from 570 Armenian schools. Six children from Hovhannes Hintliyan participated, all earning good results. Eleven-year-old Hrant Atabekyan won the first place award in his age category. As a reward, he was invited to Yerevan to meet with the Armenian President as well as the Catholicos of All Armenians. Both FAR and CARS are very proud Hrant, and he was thrilled to be the winning student. He hopes to continue his academic achievements, and use his skills to become devoted to his homeland and nation.

What makes the Hovhannes Hintliyan School so special is that is a regional school located in Tavoush, where physical conditions and educational standards are on par with the schools of Yerevan. For the past three years, enrollment has been increasing, and has gone from 80 to 120 students. Given the high quality of the education, most parents in neighboring villages prefer for their children to attend Hintliyan if possible. As many of our readers know, the Hintliyan School is sponsored by New York CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society), and operated by FAR. Together, CARS and FAR address the needs of the school and, at the same time, encourage the best students and teachers.


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