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Taboo Breakers – Turkish Human Rights Champion Defies Denial of Armenian Genocide. just posted a great feature on the human rights activist Ragip Zarakolu who fearlessly pushes for genocide recognition and ethnic minority rights in Turkey.

Without using this word [genocide] we couldn’t have touched people’s minds, there are not many today who understand the truth, but at least there are some, and that has caused a split in the society, which, as time goes by, will eventually force the state from the bottom up to admit the genocide.”

--- Ragip Zarakolu 

Turkish human rights activist Ragip Zarakolu is often referred to as Don Quixote fighting against the denial of the Armenian Genocide; he started publishing books and openly speaking out on the issue still in the 1990s, but says that not much has changed since then – Turkey continues its “indecent policy”.


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