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Tatev Children’s Choir Holds Concert at Yerevan School.

According to the ancient Greeks, singing in a choir was a sign of politeness and civility. While two and a half millennia have passed since then, this idea still rings true. One only needs to think of the Tatev Children’s Choir or “Tatevtsis.” Hundreds of children have joined the choir since it was founded by FAR in 1993. Today it still operates with the same fervor it always has, thanks to its art director and conductor Vachagan Navasardyan, who ensures the children are well versed in Armenian folk and medieval European songs. With financial support from FAR, choir classes remain free to the children.

On March 3, “Tatevtsis” performed a charity concert for the children at the #2 Yerevan Special School, which more than 100 mentally disabled children attend. Guests are rare, so the children were thrilled to have visitors who also brought candy and gifts with them. The greatest gift of all, however, was the enthusiastic singing, which inspired many of the pupils to join the choir members during their favorite songs.


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