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Thank You for Motivating Us to Learn

For the second year in a row, FAR organized a competition for middle and high school students in the Berd Region of Armenia’s Tavush Province.

“World of Knowledge,” a written chemistry, physics, and biology competition, draws on practical science skills and encourages problem-solving and creative thinking.

More than 200 students participated (double that of last year); many of them will also be supported by FAR scholarships when they enter college this fall.

“Such competitions aim to boost interest in the natural sciences. It also positively influences their younger peers," said FAR Education and Science Program Director Eduard Karapetyan during his welcome speech.

“This competition was a good opportunity to check my knowledge before my admission exams for Yerevan State Medical University. I am also happy to uphold my school's reputation,” said 12th grader Nare Gyurjinyan. "Thank you for motivating us."

FAR has also supported many of Berd's schools through renovations, refurbishments, and teacher trainings.

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