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The Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you’re in Yerevan, this is not to be missed.

By Ani Garibyan via Yerevan Magazine

Not having a musical instrument in the household in Armenia was very uncommon. Most Armenians who grew up in Armenia either know how to play an instrument, or have children who play. Music has played an important role for Armenians since ancient times – possibly the first song a child heard was a lullaby sung by its mother. In today’s age, Armenians play a great role in music. Most of us know of the many talented Armenian musicians such as Sayat Nova, Komitas, Aram Khachaturian, Arno Babjanyan, Charles Aznavour, Cher, and System of a Down, to name a few.

No matter what music genre you’re into, there is a note of classical music. The paring of classical music and rock or rap or country transforms the piece into something else. The tradition of classical music is still greatly alive in Armenia and with the efforts of the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Armenian citizens of all ages continue to engage in a type of art that has filled their homes for generations.


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