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The Armenian Youth Identity – Through the Looking Glass.

“Each panelist explored and identified the different factors that are crucial in discovering, defining, and preserving our identities as Armenians, as community members, and as individuals within a family unit. The family forum delved into the true core of who we are passed the surface glance we see in a mirror; it pulled us through the looking glass.”

— Lara Garibian

By Lara Garibian vir

GLENDALE—Not a day that goes by without a person questioning who they are, where they come from, and what it all means. The process isn’t necessarily a conscious one, since a majority of a person’s day is spent dealing with work, taking care of family and other minute, trivial things like traffic, dinner and laundry.

Usually, an event, a circumstance, or an emotion elicits questions like, Who am I? Who do I want to be? Or, What is it that I want to leave behind? While these questions exist within us and while we live them out every day, at what point do we stop to ask ourselves what we want our responses to be?

Identity is part of our human nature. It’s our road map in life. It defines our lives, our personalities, our relationships. Our gender, ethnicity, race, economic status, and historical background play a crucial role in helping us discover who we ar


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