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The first female to complete the esteemed Math Honor program

Meet Zara Ordyan, a trailblazer from Aygedzor village in Tavush province. Fueled by her passion for mathematics, she achieved a groundbreaking feat as the first woman to successfully complete the Math Honor program, proudly earning the certificate of completion alongside her eight male peers.

Math Honor program, designed to encourage outstanding undergraduates to embrace challenging mathematical concepts and prepare for postgraduate life and careers, allowed 19-year-old Zara to delve deeper into topics such as linear algebra, metric space, and topology. This transformative opportunity was made possible through the collaborative efforts of FAR's Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) and the Armenian Society of Fellows (ASOF).

Zara's journey towards excellence began in the 9th grade when she set her sights on exploring the world of mathematics. As a Computer Sciences student at Yerevan State University, supported by FAR's Mardigian Scholarship Program, she seized the chance to apply for and enroll in the Math Honor program. “It was tough and I faced difficulties, but with perseverance, I overcame them, and now I’m happy to have completed the course,” Zara said.

"The education received at the University is not always enough; the Math Honor program provides an opportunity to delve deeper into specific subjects. I chose linear algebra, a subject I was eager to explore in much greater detail than what we studied at the University. Indeed, self-education and expanding knowledge beyond the classroom are vital," she candidly shared. "I've heard people say that mathematics is mainly for boys and that it's more challenging for girls, but in reality, the beginning is always tough. If you have big goals, start with small steps, break them down into parts, and achieve them one step at a time. Don't let anyone discourage you."

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