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The Fountain.

From the spacious balcony of my apartment there is a perfect bird's eye view of the water fountain on the corner of the street. It's one of these fountains that was installed around a dozen or so years ago in memory of someone in the neighborhood who passed away, according to my landlord.

At virtually every minute of the day you find people drinking from it, and sometimes they even wash up or fill plastic bottles. Depending on the time of day, I would guesstimate that on average someone approaches that fountain every 10 seconds. They even wait in line for up to a minute or longer. One of my wife's uncles claims that the water from this fountain is the best in Yerevan, and whenever he's in the center he makes a point of stopping by there. I don't know if they managed to tap into a spring or if it's just ordinary tap water, but when the chilly, bubbly jet rises into the back of your throat on a 90 degree day to instantly cool you down, you don't care about where the source is.


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