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The rebirth of a beloved kindergarten

The kindergarteners' beaming faces reflect their excitement as the long-awaited #5 Kindergarten in Goris, Syunik Province, recently reopened. The kindergarten was renovated by UNICEF thanks to the generous financial support of the Armenian community of Argentina and the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund of Argentina. The renovation project was successfully implemented by FAR, a trusted partner of UNICEF.

Warmly greeting the guests in their best suits and holding flowers, the kindergarteners express their gratitude towards a group of benefactors who made their simple dreams come true - a warm room to sleep in, a colorful classroom with basic toys, drawing supplies, and a chalkboard, where they can cherish their childhood moments while playing with their peers.

The #5 kindergarten in Goris had been home to more than 120 children for nearly 50 years, suffering from poor hygiene, sanitary conditions, and an inadequate heating system. During the winter, they had to cover the cracked windows and doors with plastic bags to keep the rooms warm.

“Above all, I like the colors of our rooms and my bed with a lot of big pandas,” candidly said Ara, a 5-year-old boy from Goris eagerly changing into his kindergarten shoes to join his old friend Sofi in exploring the world of numbers.

The renovation, carried out between July and December 2022, encompassed the classrooms, corridors, staircases, hall, kitchen, food store, and main facade balcony. A new heating system was installed, along with new doors and windows. Additionally, the severely deteriorated roof was repaired through the support of the Goris municipality.

Irina Yolyan, Deputy Mayor of Goris, emphasized that the rejuvenation not only provided the children, including refugees from Artsakh, with a nurturing and stimulating environment, but also offered various activities such as physical exercises and creative crafts like drawing and sculpting with clay.

"The renovation of kindergartens was our top priority. Our community faced numerous challenges during and after the Artsakh war. It was our duty to create a safe environment for our children and brighten their daily lives. As a result of this renovation, we opened a new classroom and expanded access to kindergarten for more children, including those displaced from Nagorno Karabakh who settled in our community," she stated emphasizing that this new environment will play a crucial role in the social, mental, and physical development of the children in this border region.


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