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The story of the ‘Water Lily' captures the experiences of children with special needs

Within the nurturing environment of the National Center for Inclusive Education, children with special needs understand that the virtues of kindness, truth, and patience serve as lights, guiding them through the tempests of life—be it the thunder and storms or the enchanting allure and the safety of their comfort zones.

“The Journey of the Water Lily” - a theatrical performance by MIASIN theatrical group, which became possible through the generous support of the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation, tells the story of the small yet impactful journey of two characters, affectionately called "Seeds." As they navigate a world rife with challenges, the play unfolds the profound truths of "kindness, truth, and patience" through their unwavering determination. The key motif of the performance lies in the declaration, "No matter what, we won't give up, and we will always move forward...” that embodies the spirit of the children portrayed in the play—kids who have triumphed over diverse challenges, including speech disorders and motor skills issues. 

“This is my second performance, and I'm thrilled that Mrs. Marine granted me another opportunity to take the stage. I think this story is very important. It serves as a testament that conquering challenges is an integral part of realizing our dreams. I think I did my best at the stage, and it feels like an achievement,” said little Lina who embodies one of the 'Seeds.’ She went on to express gratitude for the Center, highlighting its instrumental role in helping her overcome personal challenges. 

MIASIN is set to echo the tale of "The Journey of the Water Lily" across various stages in Armenia, inspiring children to embrace resilience and pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of the challenges they may encounter.

"We are committed to ensuring that our children experience a joyful and peaceful childhood, blossoming into integral contributors to our world. It is our collective responsibility to shape an Earth that future generations can cherish. I have full confidence that you will grace numerous stages, continuing to awe audiences with your artistry," expressed Margarit Piliposyan, FAR Deputy Country Director, as she extended heartfelt congratulations to the children on the premiere of their performance.

The National Center Supporting Inclusive Education for CWDs is generously sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief through generosity of our Friends "Hovsep Foundation," "The John Mirak Foundation" and "Myron and Mary Shahinian Stapanian Fund.

Join us in the shared journey of fostering inclusive education for the children in Armenia! Your contribution to FAR today can make a real impact


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