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Tractor Donation to Enable Farmers to Make a Better Living

With help from FAR thanks to the Bazarian Family of Florida, the Achajur Young Farmers Association now has a new “Belarus" tractor with which they can harvest feed for their cows. The farmers approached FAR last year for assistance. The group of eight farmers who live in Achajur, a village in northeast Armenia, survive on animal husbandry and currently have about 120 different breeds of cattle, which require between 180 and 200 tons of feed per year. 

This quantity requires about 60 hectares of land to harvest. Prior to receiving the tractor many of the farmers were cutting the grass by hand. Farmers themselves co-financed 15% of the tractor’s total cost. The tractor will serve other members of community as well, as need for a tractor and gas cutters during the harvest season is very high. 


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