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Training Reaches Physicians in Remote Provinces

FAR recently relaunched a series of in-person trainings on non-communicable diseases, or NCD, for 15 physicians from Armenia’s Sisian Province. The five-day program was a replication of the 2020 online training series on NCD, which brought together more than 250 healthcare providers from all regions of Armenia.

Training topics include cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, which, according to trainer Dr. Samvel Hovhannisyan, are the leading causes of NCD deaths worldwide, and particularly in Armenia. With the attainment of these new skills, improved healthcare will be provided to roughly 20,000 people in various communities throughout the Sisian Region.

“This is a very serious problem, a global problem,” said Dr. Hovhannisyan, who is Head of Family Doctors Department at the National Institute of Health of Armenia.

The course touches on the assessment of NCD, management of NCD, including leading a healthy lifestyle, and communication and consultation methods with the patient, and incorporates the World Health Organization’s global strategy on how to prevent these diseases and calculate risk factors. The course should be replicated in other provinces in the future.


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