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Trip to Syunik in Frame of CASP Program.

I really love to travel. It allows you to isolate yourself from the city’s noise, not to mention the computer monitor, for a short period of time and become close to nature, which purifies the soul, brightens the mind and sparks new ideas.

Within the framework of CASP, I was able to take a journey to Armenia’s southern region of Syunik. Along with CASP Program Coordinator Eduard Karapetyan, we met hundreds of needy families to whom we provided stipends donated by the Women’s Guild Central Council of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern).


During four days of travel, my soul filled with opposing feelings. On one hand, it was a delight to see such beautiful scenes of the nature. On the other, the trips to the homes of CASP beneficiaries filled me with indescribable sadness. The families had one thing in common: they hardly could earn their everyday bread. For them, each day is an endless struggle. As such, CASP provides a ray of hope for these families. The money provided by benefactors living overseas to people struggling against hardships is powerful, indeed.

This year, a summer camp for children in Syunik will once again be held with the help of CASP donors. It is noteworthy that the Syunik Regional Administration also contributes to this initiative and while in the region, FAR staff met with Deputy Regional Governor of Syunik Ara Dolunts and the Head of the Regional Administration Child Protection Department Naira Avanesyants about this project.


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