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Turning a flair for éclair to entrepreneurship

Since 2020, Sirun Mangasaryan had been eagerly following Robert Dadasyan’s page, dreaming of the day when she could enroll in his éclair and choux courses. "My dream finally came true when I saw FAR’s announcement and applied for it. Now, I feel more confident in my eclair-making skills than ever before," Sirun says, delicately placing the freshly baked éclairs into the box with utmost care, treating them as though they were precious gems.

The two-day practical workshops attracted eight women displaced from Artsakh who have gained invaluable insights into the precise techniques of bakery and éclair-making in particular —from mastering the dough-making process to selecting the appropriate pots and mixers, and achieving the perfect consistency for the cream. Moreover, Sirun and five others will be empowered to pursue entrepreneurship endeavors in patisserie or bakery thanks to the generous support by the Atesian Family Foundation.

Sirun, soon to be a pastry chef in one of bakeries in Yerevan, candidly notes that after enduring a forced exodus and months of uncertainty, it finally feels like kindling a light in the darkness.

"We all felt the spirit of Artsakh over these two days... baking, talking, and exchanging thoughts in our native Artsakh dialect. It felt a true relief and trauma recovery,” she notes with a beaming smile and goes on: “It may appear straightforward, but crafting a perfect éclair demands meticulous precision, with every ingredient measured to the nearest gram." 

Confident in her newfound skills, Sirun looks forward to surprising her guests with the exquisite taste and aesthetics of her éclairs. But more importantly, she sees this venture as a means to support herself and cover her expenses. "Despite the challenges, fears, and trauma we've faced, we have no choice but to start afresh. I believe that with relentless effort and courage, we can overcome our fears and emerge stronger than ever," she concludes.

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