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Update - Anahit Karapetyan of Shirak

In the first quarter of this year, provincial physicians in Armenia participated in medical training in Yerevan, organized within the framework of the FAR CME Program. On February 5, the physicians visited the FAR Yerevan Office. Among them was CME beneficiary Anahit Karapetyan, who was very enthusiastic about the computer training she received. She is now able to use the Internet to connect with colleagues knowledgeable in her field, and to stay abreast of medical developments.

Mrs. Karapetyan has been working in the Artik Health Center Laboratory in Shirak for 30 years, and sadly, the hospital does not have equipment that meets modern standards. Thus, any new equipment for the hospital greatly impacts the healthcare available to the Shirak population. According to Anahit, political and economic difficulties of recent years have greatly affected the health of people. “The number of people with diabetes and other endocrine illnesses is unfortunately increasing” explained Anahit Karapetyan and added “Therefore, it is important to provide early diagnoses, in order to avoid further difficulties as soon as possible.”

We realize that the microscope donation is a small step for the Artik Health Center. However, we hope that with continued donor support, FAR can improve conditions in the Artik Health Center Laboratory as well as other regional hospitals across Armenia.


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