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USAID's CAPS is supporting “Training of Trainees” Program.

Supported by USAID's Competitive Armenian Private Sector Program (CAPS) a new project of “Training of Trainees/TOT/” is being realized at the Gyumri IT Center (GTech) since March 1st.

GITC currently recruits the vast majority of instructors from Yerevan, paying not only salary but transportation and lodging costs. On the other hand, people in Gyumri who need work experience to be effective cannot find jobs in the region. In addition to increased expenses, part-time instructors from Yerevan cannot engage in activities normally expected from a post-graduate educational institution. Thus, the offering of incubation and research programs at GTech is very limited at the moment and impedes the improvement of service, quality, and variety.

“Train the Trainers” overall objective is to introduce new educational services via creation of a core group of qualified instructors who live in Gyumri. The candidates are GTech graduates and the trainers are high experienced employees and instructors from Armenian high tech companies. The two month research phase of the project has already started. The main trainings will start in May 1st and last for six months.

With the new grant and within the initiative of the Government of Armenia to establish a Techno City in Gyumri, GTech is now even better situated to play an important role as training hub and model for replication.


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