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"VERJIN ZANG", Congratulations Graduates!

For Armenian school children, “Verjin Zang”, meaning last bell, signifies the end of the school year. May 23rd this year marked the “Verjin Zang” for graduates of the Hovhannes Hintliyan School, in the remote Armenian town of Kayan on the Azerbaijan border. The school is sponsored by CARS (Constantinople Armenian Relief Society), which partners with FAR in order to gain access to expert program implementation.

FAR Press Secretary Levon Lachikyan attended the graduation ceremony, and awarded graduates with financial stipends sponsored by CARS. Mr. Lachikyan congratulated the 12 graduates, and wished them success in all future endeavors. This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the “Nor Dprots” (New School) founded by Hovhannes Hintlian in Constantinople (Istanbul). In commemoration of this occasion, Mr. Lachikian distributed financial aid to eight Kayan children in need, henceforth to be provided by CARS on monthly basis. FAR’s ability to partner with other relief organizations is helping improve the lives of children in the most remote regions of Armenia.


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