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VOAH Memorial Honors Supporters Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk

A memorial stone dedicated to Vanadzor Old Age Home’s (VOAH’s) long-term supporters Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk now stands in the facility’s courtyard.

Musician Şahan Arzruni, representative of the Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk Foundation; Father Grigor Demirchyan of Holy Astsvatsatsin Church; and supporter Lori Marzpetaran were among those who attended an unveiling of the stone in early October.

"Thanks to the generosity of Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk, and their care and love, our seniors enjoy old age and they can organize their daily routines around VOAH’s many activities,” said FAR Education and Science Program Manager Eduard Karapetyan during his welcoming speech. “We are happy to see your faces radiating hope and love. I am also thankful to the VOAH staff for their caring and warm attitude toward our elders."

For more than 20 years, the Kevork and Sirvart Karamanouk Foundation has catered to seniors from all the provinces of Armenia, including Yerevan, who are in dire need of financial assistance and a decent place to live.

“The Karamanouks had a special respect and love towards seniors. Both of them believed that a loving and caring attitude toward the elderly was in decline. So they established nursing homes where they could live in dignity. Kevork and Sirvart would have been happy and proud to see this event and to see the Vanadzor Old Age Home in its current glorious state. This has certainly been made possible through the FAR’s great efforts and the caring and loving attitudes of the VOAH staff,” said Arzruni.


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