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Water Lily Journeys to the FAR Child Protection Center

MIASIN theatrical group recently brought their revolutionary performance, "The Journey of the Water Lily," to the FAR Child Protection Center, spreading its message about perseverance and embracing core values like kindness, truth, and patience. Supported by the Mirak-Weissbach Foundation, this performance, which began its journey in late 2023, showcases the talents of 12 individuals under the guidance of art director Marine Asatryan. Her inclusive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, is part of the performance, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance among children.

Marine emphasizes the importance of their work in nurturing children's development and creating a safe space for self-discovery. "This theater is very important for children’s development. We include not only children with special needs but everyone. This promotes inclusivity, helps children see themselves as part of society, and creates a safe environment for them to discover themselves," she says, adding that the theater will travel across big and small communities of Armenia and help children and young people get connected through art.

"At the beginning, I wasn't sure if I could do it. Stepping onto the stage for the first time, I felt the weight of everyone's eyes on me. It was intense for a moment, but as I embraced my role as a giant animal, I found courage. Over time, the theater became my haven—a place where I could be myself without fear of judgment,” said 14-year-old Khachik from FAR Child Protection Center who happily took on a role of a “giant animal” and succeeded in his role.

Join us in helping children with special needs journey a memorable one by donating to FAR today.

The National Center Supporting Inclusive Education for CWDs is generously sponsored by the Fund for Armenian Relief through generosity of our Friends "Hovsep Foundation," "The John Mirak Foundation" and "Myron and Mary Shahinian Stapanian Fund and “Hovsep, Siranoush and Mary Bahadourian Fund.”


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