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We Are Thrilled for our Students

We are thrilled to announce that about 60 bright young Armenians join our FAR family this fall as scholarship students, benefiting from our numerous programs, including the Edward and Janet Mardigian, HoVeKim, Anush Mathevosian, Jerair Nishanian, Ester Ajemian, Garabed and Armine Zambak, Avedis and Arsho Baghsarian, Norman Miller, and Gulamerian Vocational Training scholarships.

The majority will work toward their undergraduate degrees. At the same time, students of the Ester Ajemian and Zambak scholarships will focus on their master’s degrees in journalism and in international relations, and public management, respectively.

"My family struggles financially so I decided to apply," said 18-year-old Maria Gevorgyan, a freshman at Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction who was accepted into the Jerair Nishanian Scholarship Program. She said she realized that she wanted to become an architect after seeing Yerevan's streets filled with "sterile" new constructions. "We have so many historical buildings that have been destroyed. I would like to change that culture somehow and improve or restore the remaining old buildings so that they can bring a sense of consistency and wholeness to the city."

Full or partial scholarships will help students to realize their dreams and academic aspirations, while also easing their parents’ financial burden.

Anahit Gabrielyan, also 18, will start studying applied mathematics at Yerevan State University thanks to the HoVeKim Fund Scholarship Program. "This scholarship will help me to receive a quality education, which will enable me to pave the way in my future career and become a competitive specialist for my country."

Around 500 students are supported every year through FAR’s Scholarship Program.

We at FAR send our most sincere congratulations to all of these students. As the threat of Azeri aggression is palpable in Armenia these days, supporting the ambitions of Armenia's youth is more important than ever. To support FAR's Education Program, make a donation on our website today.

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