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We Help Them Heal the Nation

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

When Dr. Narine Gevorgyan spent several months in Artsakh as part of our new Doctors for Artsakh Program, she noticed a glaring truth: the prevalence of diabetes in the region following the war.

In fact, the disease’s prevalence caused Dr. Gevorgyan to extend her time in Artsakh to help with treatment. After she brought attention to this issue we, along with some of our partners, launched the “Diabetes School” in Artsakh to help improve treatment methods.

Seven endocrinologists recently took part in a weeklong training which focused on how to teach patients to better manage the disease, and how to train other physicians to employ these methods. Next, the participating doctors will lead community trainings in Stepanakert, Arevik, and Martuni, Artsakh.

It’s an example of how our programs empower Armenians to better themselves and their nation and how we can continue to adapt our support to changing needs.


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