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Soup Kitchens

FAR’s Soup Kitchens have the focused goal of providing meals to people in need in a safe, clean and uplifting environment. More than 700 individuals in Yerevan, Nor Hajn, Berd, Gyumri and Byureghavan are provided with nutritious lunches five days a week, year-round. 


Many beneficiaries are elderly and have had to deal with the loss of their pensions following the Soviet collapse, or the onset of health problems or disabilities. Others are single parents or children in need. For most, the soup kitchens also provide a source of social connection.

“FAR extended a welcoming and supportive hand to me, as I couldn’t afford meals for myself, my sick mom and my 9-year-old daughter.”

—Varduhi Khachatryan, Nor Nork Soup Kitchen beneficiary 

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